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Escape from Auschwitz, Easter 1943

The Train of 1000 thinks of Easter. What could be going on in the camps during Easter?

Witold Pilecki, a Polish officer and resistance fighter, infiltrates the Auschwitz concentration camp. He is arrested on 19 September 1940. Three days later he is dropped in the camp as Tomasz Serafinski, prisoner number 4859. His objective: collecting information about camp conditions. Over a period of three years he creates an underground resistance movement a thousand strong - the ZOW - and reports about the cruel living circumstances endured by the prisoners to the Armia Krajowa. He escapes on Easter day 1943. He soon publishes the Report “W”, the first in a series of three.

His contribution as one of the major information sources for the Allies is not to be underestimated. #culturesurvivechallenge #TR1000